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    elau pacdrive c400 software


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    Elau Pacdrive C400 Software Download


    Check the switching cabinet ventilation system. The error code specified after "Err=" corresponds to the error code of the ErrorCodeparameter. 9168 SERCOS: C3D manufacturer-specific status A manufacturer-specific SERCOS operation status of diagnosis class 3 (C3D) has changed. The drive has incorrect dimensions. Call up function DrvEncSetPosition() again.


    - Ext. 4306 Arithmetic overflow A system error has occurred. Check the encoder cable and replace if necessary. 5330 Bad master parameter data This diagnosis message will be triggered if the system is unable to process the master positioning job of an axis even though no errors were detected by the job parameter area checks (e.g. 4211 Invalid configuration A configuration error has occurred. C600) if a function block is used without a sufficient number of points.


    2100: I2T Motor The motor is overloaded or the power supplied to the motor is too high. The error message 108 "Excess voltage" is not generated until the DC bus voltage rises above 860V (as before). The braking energy of the motor that is fed back into the DC bus is too high, thus resulting in a voltage increase. This means that the data in the message logger and the IEC variable values have been deleted. 2137 Motorless When switching the MC-4 servo amplifier from motorless to normal mode, a message reporting a motor error that has occurred will appear. Ext.


    The symbolic name of a logical encoder or an axis (MC-4 or SCL) was not specified in the PositionSource parameter. Controller C400/C600 - V00.22.06 (ca. 4503 Error in parameter channel A transfer error has occurred in the SERCOS bus during operation. 6182 External 24 V power supply too high The control voltage (DC 24V) is too high. DiagExtCode Meaning ST-Err:xxx Service transfer error ST Timeout Timeout during service transfer ST Any Other service transfer error ST 99 Error while processing reset ZK1 ST 99 ChangeBit Error while processing reset ZK1; change bit was not set or protocol error no SYNC Communication synchronization with slave disrupted. 1145 DC bus ground fault A ground fault has occurred on the power supply PS-4. Automation system EPAS-4 - V00.05.00 - Version will no longer be updated-. 1166 SERCOS: C2D manufacturer-specific warning A manufacturer-specific SERCOS warning in diagnosis class 2 (C2D) has occurred. Hardware Enable and Software Enable are available, but "Inverter Enable" is still LOW.


    If this is the case, at least two SERCOS slaves have the same address. 2116 Commutation error Unable to determine the commutation. 4308 Invalid task state segment A system error has occurred. If necessary, use the SysReset() or the . Check calculation of motor and actuator. 2817 No devicename 2817 No devicename . f704e81fec

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